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Short-term rental property finances made easy with integrated Banking and Bookkeeping.

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Banking Built for Airbnb Rentals

Multiple accounts per short-term property, virtual & physical debit cards, no fees or minimum balance, high APY and unlimited 1% cash back.

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Automated Bookkeeping

Keep your Airbnb finances organized with 1-click categorization

Schedule E Report

Auto-generated Schedule E that makes tax time a breeze.

Powerful Reporting & Analytics

Powerful cash flow tracking and P&L reporting to stay on top of your short-term rental property income and maximize returns.

Lending & Insurance

Get simple, instant and transparent financing and insurance for your Airbnb.

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Open a Baselane Banking Account

Open a Baselane account in minutes. Easily add a separate virtual account for each Airbnb property.

Link your Baselane account to Airbnb

In your Airbnb account, go to Settings and link your Baselane account as your payout method.

Enjoy automated finances and high APY

Receive all your Airbnb payments into Baselane. Automate your finances and earn up to 4.19% APY on all deposits.

One platform for all your rental property banking & finances

Everything you need to make rental property finances easy

Baselane Banking

Built for short-term rentals

Bookkeeping, Reporting 
& Analytics

Automate income and expense tracking for short-term rentals

Thousands of Happy Customers

“I started using Baselane to manage two airbnb properties in Florida. It made keeping track of airbnb income so much easier. And their bank account is ideal for airbnb owners.”

Jake S. Tampa, FL

“Baselane team is doing a great job with their platform. I really appreciate their cash flow analytics feature because it helps me figure out exactly how much cash I’m making each month. Keep it up!”

David T. Boston

“I’ve been using Baselane banking for my Airbnbn’s for the last few months and love it. The virtual accounts feature is a great upgrade from my old bank. It’s nice that I can auto-tag airbnb income each month.”

Kara J. Portland

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Frequently Asked Questions

Baselane is a next-generation banking & financial platform built for independent landlords and real estate investors. We replace all the fragmented financial systems that both long-term and short-term landlords use today to manage their banking, bookkeeping, analytics, rent collection, and more — and improve them by offering an integrated and automated solution built from the ground up for both short-term and long-term rental property landlords. With Baselane, you can finally manage your rental property finances all under one roof. Baselane will help you save time and money while also providing you with insights to help you make better data-driven decisions to increase your short-term and long-term rental property returns.

What does Baselane offer today:

  • Banking built for landlords and real estate investors, with high yield interest to grow your savings, sub-accounts to stay organized, and unlimited 1-5% cash back debit rewards, virtual cards to control & manage spend.
  • Cash management services, including one-click bookkeeping and insights about your properties income and expenses.
  • Automated property performance metrics to help you make the best investment decisions and increase your returns.
  • Automated and fast rent collection hub for your tenant to pay via ACH and debit/credit card.

We are adding new features and improving our product so that it offers a robust financial home for you as a landlord as well as a seamless experience for your tenants.

Baselane Banking is built to significantly help streamline the financial management of both long-term and short-term (Airbnb, VRBO, Traveling Nurses, etc.) investment properties. Benefits of Baselane Banking include:

Multiple banking accounts on one platform, with custom accounts to keep expenses organized and funds separated:

  • Open as many banking accounts as needed for businesses (LLCs, Corp or Partnerships) or individuals (Sole Proprietors) for free.
  • Open free Custom Accounts whether you need a separate account for each unit or property, to separate savings for a future remodel, or simply to keep security deposits segregated.
  • Automate bookkeeping by auto-tagging all transactions of an account to a property or unit.

Seamlessly integrated into financial tools for landlords & individual real estate investors:

  • Single-click bookkeeping with smart categorization to Schedule E and property tagging.
  • Automated rent collection; receive rent directly into your bank account.
  • All the tools you need to control your cash flow, track your expenses, and understand your property performance.

It’s a free and rewarding banking account:

  • Baselane banking is free, with no hidden fees! No fees on cash withdrawals or transfers. No minimum deposit is needed.
  • High-yields (60x the national average) on all deposits (yes – this includes security deposits!).
  • Unlimited 1% cash back on all spending with your Baselane Debit Card.

Baselane provides intuitive and easy-to-use tools to manage your bookkeeping and track your cash flows. You can link your existing bank and credit cards accounts to automatically import and manage your transactions. Or you can open a Baselane Banking account for your short-term rentals. Then you can categorize your transactions by property and revenue/expense category (based on Schedule E). With your categorized transactions, Baselane presents automated summaries of your cash flow by property and category over time, helping you stay on top of your short-term rental profits.

Baselane Banking, Bookkeeping and Reporting are designed to help you make managing your short-term rental business finances easier.

Banking: Use Baselane Banking for all your short-term rental properties. You have the option to open one Baselane account for each short-term rental property or open one Baselane account and create many virtual accounts for each short-term rental unit. Take advantage of earning high APY on all cash balances and 1-5% cash back on debit card spend.

Bookkeeping and Reporting: Use Baselane Banking and/or connect an existing bank account or credit card to auto-import all transactions and start taking control of your short-term rental property finances.

Learn More Here: ABC of Accounting and Bookkeeping for Airbnb Investors

Baselane dramatically simplifies the process of managing your rental property finances. Instead of using a series of separate financial tools to manage your rent collection, expenses, and cash flow, Baselane centralizes everything in one place. This cuts down the time you need 
to spend on manual back-office work and helps you increase your property returns through better insights.

We also simplify the rent payment experience for tenants, which means happier tenants, less back and forth, and more on-time rent payments.

Baselane has built strict security and privacy controls to exceed the highest banking industry standards. Your funds are secure and available 24/7 in your Baselane account, and all Baselane accounts are FDIC insured by our sponsor bank, Blue Ridge Bank. In addition, 
we have multiple layers of security on our website to ensure that no one will be able to access your account or data.

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