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Banking Built for Landlords

$150 bonus 
for new users

Earn a $150 welcome bonus when you open 
a banking account as a new Baselane customer. 
Terms and conditions apply.

How to get your $150 bonus

Fund Baselane Banking account

Deposit minimum of $500 within 30 days and maintain that average balance for 60 days.

Mortgage payments

Make >$1,500 of mortgage payments from your Baselane Banking account within 90 days.

Collect rent via Baselane

Collect >$1,500 of rent via Baselane into Baselane Banking within 90 days.

Finally a banking platform 
built for property finances

Organized Accounts

Operating account for each property, partitioned for each unit. Dedicated accounts for security deposits.

Spend Responsibly

Physical & virtual debit cards with custom spend controls and automated transaction tagging by Schedule E.

Powerful Financial Tools

Seamlessly integrated with Baselane’s bookkeeping, reporting, analytics and rent collection tools.

More Rewarding Banking

Earn unlimited 1% cash back3 and up to 4.19% APY2 interest (60x national average*), even on security deposits.

For All Entity Types

Open banking accounts for individuals, LLCs, Partnerships or Corporations.

Security and privacy you can trust Learn more about our data security

FDIC insurance up to a maximum of $2,500,0001

Banking services provided by Blue Ridge Bank N.A. and Thread Bank1, Members FDIC.

Freeze your card

If your card is lost or stolen, lock
all account activity in seconds.

Visa Zero Liability Policy

You won’t be held responsible
for unauthorized charges.

End to end encryption

All sensitive data is encrypted using 
AES-256 or higher standards.

One platform for all your rental property banking & finances​

Why Landlords choose Baselane Banking

Features Baselane logo Baselane logo Typical Business
Checking Account
Built for landlords
Unlimited accounts, partitioned by unit
Virtual cards & spend controls
Integrated into Bookkeeping tools
Integrated into Reporting & Analytics tools
Integrated with your external accounts
Free to open online in minutes
Free to open online in minutes
No minimum deposit or balance

$100-500+ minimum balance

No monthly service fees

No Monthly Fees

$15-30+ / month

No overdraft fees

No Overdraft Fees


No ACH transfer fees

No ACH transfer Fees

$25+ / month

1% cash back on debit card3
High-yield checking interest

Earn up to 4.19% APY interest (60x national average*)

0.07% APY (1x national average)

Thousands of Happy Customers

“Switching to Baselane was an immediate success. I stopped manually managing my property finances last month for the first time. I saved over 10 hours and $200 on accountant fees. Everything 
is automated and in one place.”

Martin L. Jacksonville, FL

"Baselane has enabled me to finally organize my rental property finances. With separate accounts for each property, I know exactly what is coming in and going out every month."

Brett R. Denver, CO

“Baselane’s platform is super slick. Clean, smooth, and easy. It’s the best banking platform for landlords out there. Period."

Michelle P. Chicago, IL

Actual results vary by customer

Frequently Asked Questions

Opening a Baselane Banking account is a quick 2-minute process and does not affect your credit score in any way!

To open a Baselane Banking account, first sign-up for a free landlord account. Once you have created a landlord account, click “Add Account” on the Banking & Cards page, then choose the “Open Baselane Account” option.

You will have the option to open a Baselane Banking account as an individual (sole proprietor) or as a business entity (LLC, corporation, or partnership).

You will be asked to provide some identifying information about yourself so we can run the required identity checks. If you are applying for a business bank account you will need a U.S. company, and be able to provide its federal EIN and its official formation documents.

Watch our quick video on How to open a Baselane Banking account to learn more.

Baselane Banking is built to significantly help streamline the financial management of investment properties. Benefits of Baselane Banking include:

Multiple banking accounts on one platform, with virtual accounts to keep expenses organized and funds separated:

  • Open as many banking accounts as needed for businesses (LLCs, Corp, or Partnerships) or individuals (Sole Proprietors) for free.
  • Open free Virtual Accounts whether you need a separate account for each unit or property, to separate savings for a future remodel, or simply to keep security deposits segregated
  • Automate bookkeeping by auto-tagging all transactions of an account to property or unit.

Seamlessly integrated into financial tools for landlords & individual real estate investors:

  • Single-click bookkeeping with smart categorization to Schedule E and property tagging.
  • Automated rent collection; receive rent directly into your bank account.
  • All the tools you need to control your cash flow, track your expenses, and understand your property performance.

It’s a free and rewarding banking account:

  • Baselane banking is free, with no hidden fees! No fees on cash withdrawals or transfers. No minimum deposit is needed.
  • High-yields (60x the national average) on all deposits (yes – this includes security deposits!).
  • Unlimited 1% cash back on all spending with your Baselane Debit Card.

If you would like to learn more about how Baselane Banking can help you, schedule a demo here.

You can fund your Baselane Banking account in any of four easy ways:

  1. Link Baselane to another U.S. bank account (via Plaid) to start an ACH transfer, which will be completed in 3 business days.
  2. Connect your Baselane Banking account to any of your digital wallets like PayPal or Venmo, and initiate a transfer from there.
  3. Send electronic, bank transfers via ACH to your Baselane Banking account from any bank in the U.S.
  4. Deposit cash into any of our in-network ATMs. Click here and select “Allpoint + Cash Deposit ATMs” to locate the nearest deposit ATM.
  5. Send a wire transfer to your Baselane Banking account using the following details:
  • Beneficiary name: Legal name or LLC on your Baselane Banking account
  • Beneficiary account number: Your Baselane Banking account number
  • Beneficiary Address: The address you provided for your Baselane Banking account
  • Beneficiary Bank Name: Blue Ridge Bank
  • Beneficiary Bank Routing Number: 051402372
  • Beneficiary Bank Address: 17 West Main Street, Luray, VA 22835

For more information on the steps to fund your account, watch our quick video on How to Fund your Baselane Account.

If you need any assistance, reach out to support@baselane.com.

Baselane has built strict security and privacy controls to exceed the highest banking industry standards. Your funds are secure and available 24/7 in your Baselane account, and all Baselane accounts are FDIC insured by our sponsor bank, Blue Ridge Bank. In addition, we have multiple layers of security on our website to ensure that no one will be able to access your account or data.

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