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Banking Built for Landlords

Baselane is a powerful banking platform that puts you in complete control of your real estate finances.


Baselane is a financial technology company, and is not a bank. Banking services and FDIC insurance are provided through Thread Bank1, Members FDIC.


Baselane is a financial technology company, and is not a bank. Banking services and FDIC insurance are provided through Thread Bank1, Members FDIC.

Banking Accounts and Features for Landlords and Real Estate Businesses

Earn More Rewards
Put your cash to work. Earn up to 4.19% APY interest2 (60x national average*) and unlimited 1% cash back3 (5% on home improvement spending).
Organize Accounts

Create unlimited virtual accounts and cards. Easily open an operating account for each property or unit, and create separate accounts for security deposits.

Take Control of Spending

Physical & virtual debit cards with custom spend controls and automated transaction tagging by Schedule E.

Simplify Payments

Easily pay expenses with free ACH and wires. Send payments, pay invoices, make transfers, and deposit checks from any device.

Automate Rent Collection & Accounting

Baselane Banking is seamlessly integrated with Baselane’s rent collection, accounting and reporting tools. Manage everything in one place.

No Fees, No Minimums.
Baselane Banking is free.

All Entity Types. Open accounts for individuals,
LLCs, Partnerships or Corporations.

All Investors. Whether you have 1 unit or 100,
Baselane is built for you.

Security Deposits

Use Baselane to manage your security deposits. Easily open a separate account for each security deposit. Like all Baselane accounts, security deposits earn up to 4.19% APY2.

Keep Your Rental Property Finances in Check

Baselane’s powerful financial tools put you in complete control of your rental property cash flow.


Automate your banking. Up to 4.19% APY2, organized accounts, and powerful spend management.

Rent Collection

Never chase down checks or late rent again. Fast payments, simple to set up, easy for tenants.

Accounting & Reporting

See your cash flow clear as day. Maximize returns and make tax time a breeze.

Landlord Banking Built for All Investors

Landlords and Investors of All Sizes

Whether you have 1 unit or 100, Baselane is built for you.

Multiple Property Types

Baselane supports multiple property types including residential, commercial, and long- and short-term rentals.

Your Money - Protected

FDIC Insurance up to$3M1

Your funds are secure and available 24/7 in your Baselane account.

Visa® Zero Liability Protection

You won’t be held responsible for
unauthorized charges.

End-to-end encryption

All sensitive data is encrypted using
AES-256 or higher standards


“Switching to Baselane was an immediate success. I stopped manually managing my property finances last month for the first time. I saved over 5 hours and $200 on accountant fees. Everything is now automated and in one place.”

Brett Denver, CO

Properties actively managed on Baselane​​


Higher APY than the national average


FDIC insurance on all banking deposits.

Why Landlords Choose Baselane Banking

Why Landlords
Choose Baselane

Baselane logo Baselane logo Typical Business
Checking Account
Built for landlords
Interest and cash back

Earn up to 4.19% APY2
1% Cash Back3 on Debit Card

0.06% APY
No Cash Back on Debit Card

1% cash back on debit card3
Unlimited accounts, partitioned by unit
Virtual cards & spend controls
Integrated Rent Collection, Bookkeeping, & Reporting
Minimum Deposit



Monthly Fees


$15+ monthly fees + additional fees for wires, ACH, and overdraft

Connect to the Tools

You Use Every Day

Whether it’s Airbnb, Quickbooks or Venmo, easily
connect to the tools that power your rentals.

Instant Support from Real Humans

Talk to a customer support expert who understands your business.

Live Chat

Talk to the team through
 our app or website.


Never wait on hold again.
 We’ll call you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Opening a Baselane Banking account is a quick 2-minute process and does not affect your credit score in any way!

To open a Baselane Banking account, first sign-up for a free landlord account. Once you have created a landlord account, click “Add Account” on the Banking & Cards page, then choose the “Open Baselane Account” option.

You will have the option to open a Baselane Banking account as an individual (sole proprietor) or as a business entity (LLC, corporation, or partnership).

You will be asked to provide some identifying information about yourself so we can run the required identity checks. If you are applying for a business bank account you will need a U.S. company, and be able to provide its federal EIN and its official formation documents.

Watch our quick video on How to open a Baselane Banking account to learn more.

Baselane Banking is built to significantly help streamline the financial management of investment properties. Benefits of Baselane Banking include:

Multiple banking accounts on one platform, with virtual accounts to keep expenses organized and funds separated:

  • Open as many banking accounts as needed for businesses (LLCs, Corp, or Partnerships) or individuals (Sole Proprietors) for free.
  • Open free Virtual Accounts whether you need a separate account for each unit or property, to separate savings for a future remodel, or simply to keep security deposits segregated
  • Automate bookkeeping by auto-tagging all transactions of an account to property or unit.

Seamlessly integrated into financial tools for landlords & individual real estate investors:

  • Single-click bookkeeping with smart categorization to Schedule E and property tagging.
  • Automated rent collection; receive rent directly into your bank account.
  • All the tools you need to control your cash flow, track your expenses, and understand your property performance.

It’s a free and rewarding banking account:

  • Baselane banking is free, with no hidden fees! No fees on cash withdrawals or transfers. No minimum deposit is needed.
  • High-yields (60x the national average) on all deposits (yes – this includes security deposits!).
  • Up to 5% cash back on all spending with your Baselane Debit Card.

If you would like to learn more about how Baselane Banking can help you, schedule a demo here.

Baselane has built strict security and privacy controls to exceed the highest banking industry standards. Your funds are secure and available 24/7 in your Baselane account, and all Baselane accounts are FDIC insured by our sponsor bank, Thread Bank. In addition, we have multiple layers of security on our website to ensure that no one will be able to access your account or data.

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 experience with Baselane Banking.