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May 2024

Pay Bills Easier with our New Transfers and Payments Center

Our revamped Transfers & Payments Center has been redesigned to help save you time and make moving money and paying bills easier! Read about some of the new features below.

Manage recipients: Save all your payees and vendors in one place to quickly send payments. See your complete payment history and transfer statuses all at a glance. Find out more here.

Baselane checkbooks: You no longer need checkbooks from 3rd parties. Easily order checkbooks for any Baselane checking account. Each Baselane checkbook order comes with 80 high-security checks. Get more details here.

Send checks online: Send checks directly from your Baselane checking accounts to conveniently and securely pay vendors and bills without manually writing checks. Simply enter the payment amount, recipient’s name, and address, and Baselane will print and mail the check for you. Learn more here.

March 2024

Download your Tax Package with a click

We’ve made it easier (and faster) than ever to get your taxes ready. You can now download all of your uploaded attachments (including receipts) for your Schedule E filing with one click. 

As always, the tax package will also provide your transaction ledger and cash flow statement, making it easier to pass everything related to your properties to your accounting team. 

You spend less time on your taxes, and your accountant gets an easy-to-file package. It’s a win-win for everyone!

September 2023

Create & E-Sign Lease Agreements

We’ve partnered with Rocket Lawyer to enable you to easily create, manage, and e-sign lease agreements directly within Baselane. Our initial Beta version allows you to create and e-sign 3 free leases. A full launch with unlimited lease creation and e-sign is coming soon. This feature allows you to:

  • Create lease agreements for all 50 states
  • Save, print, and share the agreement
  • Securely e-sign the agreement; invite others to sign

Painless Rental Loans

We are excited to announce a partnership with Simplist, a mortgage platform specializing in finding you the most affordable rental loans.

  • We’ll search over 50,000 options from top lenders to match you with the best one
  • Our knowledgeable loan officers will guide you through all scenarios
  • With Simlplist’s streamlined online experience, there is no impact on your credit score, and within five minutes, you can have your pre-approval in hand

Rent Payment Processing Improvements

We’ve improved our rent payment processing to reduce situations where payments fail. We have built tools to identify if your receiving bank account will have issues receiving payments, and we now allow you to change receiving bank accounts for all invoices in one go.

Improved connectivity for External Accounts

We have made under-the-hood improvements to the connectivity of your externally connected accounts (via Plaid) to ensure that the transactions and balance are as current as possible.

July 2023

A New Referral Program

Spread the word about Baselane and earn up to $1,000 in cash rewards!

We’ve made it easier and more rewarding to refer your landlord friends to Baselane via a unique referral link, found here. You and your friend will each receive a $100 reward deposited into your Baselane Banking account for every successful referral. Terms and conditions apply.

120+ New Sub-categories

We’ve listened to your feedback! Now you can enjoy more accurate and flexible transaction categorization. Dive deeper into your finances by tagging and filtering transactions with our 120+ newly added sub-categories.

Higher Deposit Limits for Banking

We’ve launched “Higher Limit” Baselane Banking accounts! Enjoy higher check deposit limits up to $50,000 per day and $100,000 per month. Eligibility is simple: deposit at least 3 checks exceeding $5,000 each and demonstrate a transaction history without any returned check deposits, returned ACHs, or card disputes. Reach out to if you are eligible.

May 2023

Banking Refresh

Baselane Banking has a fresh look, built to make it easier to use on mobile. You can now view transactions on the go, navigate your accounts with ease, make payments, and manage your cards from your mobile. We’ve also refreshed the Banking Entity page to give you a better view of your account information and transaction details.

Banking Refresh

Upload Reciepts & Attachments for Transactions

You can now upload attachments & receipts to any transaction. Whether on desktop or mobile, uploading an attachment is easy, just drag & drop an attachment or snap a picture from your mobile. Keep all your receipts and transaction documents organized and in one place. Soon you will be able to download a Zip file with all your receipts & attatchment as part of our Tax Package.

Upload Transactions

Add a One-Time Invoice to an Existing Rent Collection

Add one-time invoices to an existing rent collection, making it easy to charge your tenants for ad-hoc expenses, fees, or anything else.

One-time Invoice

March 2023

We’re rolling out more new features to deliver a better experience for you.

We’re excited to announce our latest product updates for March. We’re constantly working to launch new features and improve your experience using Baselane.

Improved Rent Collection

We’ve revamped the rent collection home page, Now you will see rent collection organized across active, expired, and archived rent collections. Additionally, when you click into a rent collection, you will see a newly designed summary of your rent collection across Payments, Tenant Details, Rent Collection Terms, and Receiving Bank Accounts. You can also now track the onboarding progress of your tenant. Rent collection is now fully functional on mobile, from set up to managing rent collection.

Tax Package

Try the new Tax Package to make tax season a breeze. With one click, you can download a consolidated report of your property financials that can be easily shared with a tax preparer, investing partner, lender, or anyone requesting your financials.

Improved Tenant Onboarding

We’ve continued streamlining the tenant onboarding process. Now tenants can see a summary of rent payments and can add a payment method during onboarding. This makes it easier and faster for your tenants to get started with Baselane and make their first rent payment.

Referral Program

Invite other landlords and real estate investors to join Baselane from within the product. Earn $100 for every landlord you invite. Terms apply. See here for more details.

February 2023

New features to simplify and improve your rent collection

We’ve added many new features this month to help you simplify and improve how you collect rent with Baselane.

Edit Active Rent Collection

You can now easily edit any active rent collection. Whether you need to renew/extend a rent collection, update monthly recurring rent charges, change late fee schedules, and more, the new edit rent collection functionally gives the all flexibility to meet your rent collection needs.

Improved Rent Collection Summary

We’ve made getting a clear snapshot of your rent collection payments easier! Our improved rent collection summary gives you a clear view of all rent collection payments across Completed, Processing, Unpaid, Overdue, and Failed Payments. Quickly double-click to see all invoices across different payment statuses to see the details of each invoice or payment.

Faster & Streamlined Tenant Activation

We’ve dramatically improved our Tenant activation experience. So when you invite a Tenant to join Baselane, it will be easier and faster for them to activate their account and start paying rent.

Monthly User Digest Email

At the begging of February, we launched our first Monthly User Digest email. Each Monthly User Digest email provides a snapshot of your Baselane activity from the previous month. This monthly email will help you stay updated on all your activity on Baselane.

January 2023

Virtual Cards are here, and they're kind of a big deal!

Baselane’s Visa Virtual Cards work exactly like your physical debit card—they just live on your Baselane Banking platform instead of your physical wallet. They allow you to automate bookkeeping, give you greater control over spend, and are a safer and more convenient way to pay.

What's so special about our Virtual Cards?

Automate Expense Categorization

Make bookkeeping a breeze. Set rules for each card to have all transactions auto-tagged to a property and expense category.

Create Up to 10 Virtual Cards per Banking Account

Use them to manage your spending, create separate cards for different expense types, properties, vendors and more.

Control Your Spend

Set spending limits, lock, unlock, and close cards any time you want.
If the card is locked or the transaction goes over the limit, it will automatically decline.

Instant Activation

You don’t have to wait for your card to arrive in the mail—start using it from the moment it’s created.

Unlimited 1% Cash Back

Get the same great rewards that you have with your physical Baselane debit card.

Better Security

There is no physical card that can be stolen. Instantly lock or close your card details if you think your account has been compromised. Plus, built-in Visa fraud protection.

Add to Apple Pay and Google Pay

Instantly add Baselane Virtual Cards to Apple Pay and Google Pay, to use anywhere contactless payments are accepted.

How Virtual Cards Work

Start using Virtual Cards in a few simple steps

  1. Open a Baselane Banking account in minutes if you don’t already have one.
  2. Create a virtual card directly from your Baselane Banking page; instantly see the card number on the Baselane platform.
  3. Set a spending limit for the virtual card. Great for recurring payments, budgeting and control.
  4. Set card rules to have all transactions auto-tagged to a property and expense category.
  5. Get unlimited 1% cash back on spend and track your spending on the Transaction page.

December 2022

Introducing new features to supercharge your rental property finances.

This month, the Baselane team has added many new features that will help supercharge your rental property finances. We still have many exciting things to release this month, see our latest roundup below:

Mobile Check Deposit

You can now deposit a check into your Baselane banking account from your mobile phone. Simply snap a picture of the front and back of your check and the funds will be deposited into your account in 5 business days.

Send ACH Transfers to 3rd Party Recipients

Baselane Banking now allows you to send ACH transfers to 3rd party vendors and other recipients using their routing and account numbers. This is an easy and secure way to pay your contractors and vendors in minutes.

Add a Bank Account to Collect Rent Using Routing and Account Numbers

We’ve made it even easier to collect rent on Baselane by allowing you to add external bank accounts using your routing and account numbers. To add an account using your routing and account number simply set up a new rent collection and at the ‘Receiving Bank Account’ selection, add a new account, select ‘External Account’ and then ‘Add Manually’.

Timeline for Rent Payments

We’ve heard your feedback and are excited to share that now you can see precisely where your rent payments are with our new Payment Timeline. Click on any invoice and head to the bottom of the Invoice Details to see the new timeline, where your money is, and when you should expect to receive rent payments.

Review Invoices During Rent Collection Set Up

You will now be able to review and confirm all rent payment invoices during the rent collection setup. This way, you can make sure all payment invoices are correct and quickly update them if needed.

November 2022

Business profiles, micro-deposit authorization for tenants, and optimized external bank account management

It has been a busy November here at Baselane as we continue to improve our product. More is coming later this month, but we are excited to share the following updates that are already live and ready for you to use.

New Business Profiles

Baselane now allows you to add a separate Business Profile (separate from your primary Baselane profile). This information will be displayed in all correspondence with your tenant, included in your tenant’s portal and emails.

To update your Business Profile, Sign In and navigate to your Profile & Setting > Business Profile tab.

Micro-deposit bank account authorization for Tenants

Micro-deposits are a convenient and secure way for your tenants to authorize their bank accounts to make rent payments without providing online banking credentials.

This feature offers peace of mind for tenants who might not feel comfortable adding a payment method using their online banking credentials and flexibility for tenants who bank at smaller financial institutions that our 3rd Party Payments provider (PlaidTM) does not support.

Want to learn more? Check out our detailed instructions on how your tenants can get started

Managing your External Bank Accounts just got a lot easier

We’ve added new functionality to help you manage your external bank accounts on Baselane. You will now be able to add multiple bank accounts from one banking institution. Sign in to your Banking and Cards page and add all the external accounts that you previously were unable to.

October 2022

New onboarding experience & streamlined rent collection setup​

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new onboarding experience and streamlined rent collection setup. Our new experience makes it easier and faster for you to get started with Baselane Banking, Rent Collection, and Bookkeeping, while also tracking your setup progress!

Getting Started Page

When you sign in, you will arrive at your new Getting Started page. Here you can take steps to start or continue your account setup. The Baselane dashboard (which will soon be getting a facelift) hasn’t changed, and you can still access it from the navigation bar by clicking “Dashboard”.

Streamlined Rent Collection Set Up

We’ve improved the rent collection setup process to make it easier to navigate and start collecting rent faster.

September 2022

4 new features to supercharge your bookkeeping and cash flow analytics

The team has been busy building new and improving existing features all summer to make managing your rental property finances easier. We are excited to share a few updates on bookkeeping and our new reporting feature.

More powerful Cash flow analytics

We’ve made our cash flow analytics more powerful and dynamic. You will now see new filters, a breakdown by category, the ability to drill down into specific categories, and see transactions below to match.

Enhanced transaction filter to make bookkeeping a breeze

We have improved our filters on the Transactions page to give you more control and flexibility. You can now search by transaction date, transaction category, property, bank account, and any text field.

Ability to manually mark rent invoices as paid

Sometimes you collect rent outside of Baselane and need to update a rent invoice to reflect the manual collection. You can now manually mark a rent invoice as paid. On the Rent Collection page, open the three-dot menu and click on Invoices. Click on any unpaid invoice and select Mark as Paid.

Simplified individual (sole proprietor) banking account opening

Most of you use multiple bank accounts to manage your rental property finances. As a result, we wanted to make opening a banking account as simple and quick as possible. We have redesigned our banking account opening process for individuals (sole proprietors) to do just that. We will soon extend the same simplicity to banking accounts for LLCs, Corporations, and Partnerships.

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