2022 Year in Review: A Note from our Founders

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As we close out 2022, we want to extend a big thank you for being an early believer and customer of Baselane. Thank you for growing with us!

We have an ambitious vision–which is just getting started–that is only possible with your support. We believe landlords and real estate investors of all experience levels should have access to modern, simple yet powerful technology to empower them to successfully build, grow, and manage their real estate investments.

A Review of 2022

2022 was our “go live” year. We launched our core banking platform in March and have witnessed rapid growth since. We are proud to have thousands of active customers across every state in America. Since our launch, we have continuously optimized our product and launched many great features, including:

Virtual Cards – We quietly launched Virtual Cards last week; we will publicly share details of this launch next week! Virtual Cards allow you to automate your bookkeeping, have greater control over spend, and provide a safer and more convenient way to pay.

Wires & 3rd Party ACH Payments – Whether purchasing an investment property, paying a contractor, or returning a security deposit, making payments is a critical function for landlords. Wires and 3rd Party ACH payments are just our initial payment products. More below on what is coming on the payment Roadmap for 2023.

Mobile Check Deposit – Deposit a check into your Baselane banking account from your mobile phone with a snap of a picture.

Tax Reporting – Use our auto-generated tax and Schedule E reports to share with your accountant and save countless hours during tax season.

Improved Analytics & Reporting – We’ve made our analytics & reporting more powerful and easier to use. New filters, breakdowns by category, the ability to drill down into specific categories, and more.

Seamless Onboarding – Our improved onboarding experience makes it easier and faster for you to get started with Baselane Banking, Rent Collection, and Bookkeeping while also tracking your setup progress.

Streamlined Rent Collection Set Up – We’ve improved our rent collection setup process, from making it easier to navigate to allowing you to review all rent payment invoices during setup.

Rent Payments Timelines – Our rent payment timelines allow you to easily see where your money is and when you should expect to receive rent payments.

And many more product improvements and features…

2023 Roadmap Highlights

During 2023 we will drastically expand and improve our product offering, while rapidly scaling to new customers. We have an extensive 2023 product roadmap, and we’re ready to hit the ground running come January. We will heavily invest in product development and engineering to accelerate our roadmap. Some future product highlights include:

Tenant Applications & Screening – Confidently find your next tenant using online rental applications with screening options including: credit reports, background checks, eviction history, and income verification.

Lease Documentation & E-Sign – Create rental lease documents, or upload your own lease and e-sign it with your tenants.

Rent Collection 2.0 – Improved user interface to make it easier to manage rent collection and faster payments.

Bill Pay & Checkbooks – New methods to make payments from Baselane Banking.

Automated & Recurring Payments – Ability to schedule and automate payments.

Advanced Bookkeeping – Advanced features, including custom categories, tagging automation, rich transaction data, receipt upload/storage, and more.

Improved and expanded reporting – More reporting (e.g. rent rolls) and improved user interface.

Enhanced Mobile Experience – More features and enhanced user interface on our mobile web app.

Insurance Policy Management & Offers – Organize and store your property insurance policy documents. Get automated quotes with savings opportunities when it’s time to renew your policy.

Lending Partners – New lending partners to provide a wide selection of loan products.

And much more – Thank you for providing product feedback and requests; they are essential to inform our product roadmap. You can leave us feedback or product requests here.

Happy Holidays

From the entire team at Baselane, we wish you happy holidays and best wishes for 2023.

Best regards,

Mathias, Thorben & Jad

Founders, Baselane

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2022 Year in Review: A Note from our Founders