How to Find Tenants: Best Places to Advertise Your Rental Property

5 Best Websites to Advertise Your Rental Property


Rental property advertising is the best way to find tenants for your rental units. But with so many websites, it can be tough to know where to start.

In this blog post, we will share the five best places to post rental property advertisements and how to create a rental listing that will attract quality tenants.

Key Takeaways

  • Rental listings need high-quality visuals of the entire property to attract potential tenants.
  • Rental listings should have detailed descriptions of the property’s features, include lease terms, and provide contact information.
  • The best places to post rental property listings include Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, Instagram, Zillow, and

Why Landlords Should Use Property Rental Sites

Finding tenants can be challenging, especially when you have multiple vacancies. As mid-term rentals become more popular, knowing where to advertise rental property will help keep your units full.

Gone are the days when a simple yard sign outside your property or a newspaper ad was enough to attract renters. Today, the best place to advertise rental property is online where it can be seen by millions of potential tenants.

Modern renters are looking for high-quality, engaging property listings. Think 3D tours, top-notch photos, and compelling videos. The best rental property advertising sites have tools to help your property stand out so you can quickly find tenants for your vacant units.

What Makes a Good Property Rental Listing

A good property listing is attention-grabbing, interactive, and targets the right future tenants. For example, an apartment listing for a downtown loft should attract a young professional rather than a family.

Here are the basics of creating an attractive listing for your ideal tenants:

  • Take Professional Photos: If you can’t do a video tour (and even if you can), your listing should still have photos. Stage your rental to look its best and take high-quality photos with your phone or hire a photographer.
  • Have a Catchy Headline: Resist the urge to list the square footage or number of bedrooms in the headline. Instead, write something like, “Spacious studio apartment with rooftop pool along Miami’s waterfront”.
  • Highlight Attractive Features: Put your property’s best features in the body. Include dimensions, floor plans, and an amenities list. Don’t forget to add a map with the location.
  • Keep it Short: Use bulleted lists for amenities and features. Include short paragraphs when necessary to highlight additional features or describe the neighborhood. Save your policies, fees, and costs for the end.

How to Make Your Listing More Tenant-Friendly

When you list a vacant property for rent, you want to find tenants who will take care of the property and pay rent on time. To do this, you have to make it easy for prospective tenants to find the information they’re looking for.

  • Use Descriptive Language: Paint a clear picture of your property’s space, natural lighting, or cozy ambiance in a detailed listing. Instead of saying, “Amazing backyard for entertainment,” write, “Large, fenced backyard ideal for children and pets.”
  • Talk About the Neighborhood: Mention how close your property is to parks, schools, grocery stores, and transit. You can also add a Google Maps link and encourage potential tenants to explore nearby restaurants, downtown attractions, and shops.
  • Promote the Amenities: When you advertise property for rent, explain how the amenities add value to the tenant’s life. Instead of just listing appliances, you can write something like, “Boasting a gourmet kitchen with stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, a gas range, and a double oven.”
  • Be Transparent and Honest: Your listing should accurately represent the property. Be upfront about any quirks or less desirable features. Sometimes, you can present them in a better way. If there’s a small kitchen, you can say, “The compact kitchen is efficiently designed for easy meal prep and includes modern appliances.”
  • Include Lease Terms: Include essential information prospective renters need to know, like the lease term, rent amount, security deposit details, and if utilities are included. Mention rental policies and if you’re open to pets or short-term leases.
  • Provide Contact Information: Make it easy for prospective tenants to get in touch. Put your contact information in a visible spot and end with a clear call to action to book a viewing or fill out an online application.

If you have positive reviews or testimonials from previous tenants, include a couple in your listing to increase trust and credibility.

Best Rental Listing Websites to Find Tenants

As a landlord, the best place to advertise your rental property is one that keeps your units occupied and cash flow coming in. Here’s a list of the top rental listing websites to find tenants for every type of rental.


Craigslist is a widely recognized online classifieds platform. You can list a rental property and photos for free (except in certain cities with a nominal fee), making it an accessible option for landlords.


  • Extremely popular online marketplace
  • It’s free to post in most cities
  • Allows photos to showcase the property


  • No space for videos and limited room for descriptions
  • Inquiries could be scams
  • Doesn’t include online tenant screening

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is the best place to post rental property listings for local tenants looking for rentals in a specific neighborhood. You can attract tenants with beautiful photos and videos, detailed descriptions, targeted ads, and more.


  • Extensive audience and reach for rental listings
  • In-app communication with potential tenants
  • Access to Facebook profiles for vetting applicants


  • No verification required to list a property
  • Inquiries may not be serious
  • Limited filters for tenants to find rentals


As Facebook’s sister site, Instagram is becoming a popular rental listing site. It’s a visual-centric platform ideal for landlords who want to reach a younger audience or advertise vacation rentals.


  • Ads can reach a target audience and location
  • Instant messaging with potential renters
  • Direct links to book viewings or online applications


  • Can only search for rentals using hashtags
  • Limited reach without paid ads
  • Tenants can’t filter listings


Zillow Rental Manager is a dedicated real estate platform that offers free rental listings with advanced features for sorting and comparing properties. It receives an average of 34 million monthly views across its listing platforms.


  • Syndicates rental listings across multiple sites
  • Interactive map and advanced sorting features
  • Applicants can schedule tours and apply online


  • Must pay for increased exposure
  • No live customer support
  • Limited property management features is comparable to but for rentals. This is where to advertise a rental property with one to four units, like single-family homes, condos, duplexes, and townhomes.


  • Free for landlords to list properties
  • Reaches over 50 million renters across networks
  • Free tenant screening (includes background and credit checks)


  • Not ideal for multifamily properties
  • Applicants pay $20-$30 for tenant screening
  • Missing common property management tools

Final Thoughts

These rental listing sites are a great way to find tenants, but successful property management doesn’t stop there. Baselane property management has tools for rent collection, expense tracking, landlord banking, tenant screening, and more.

Ready to simplify your rental property management? Try Baselane for free!

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5 Best Websites to Advertise Your Rental Property
How to Find Tenants: Best Places to Advertise Your Rental Property