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for Landlords

Minimum requirements for funding are $14,000 in monthly revenue, 550 credit score, and 6 months in business.

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An investment property Line of Credit designed for:

  • Investors with a large amount of equity in the investment property and a high credit score.

  • Entrepreneurs looking to renovate a current property or purchase an additional investment property.
Buy or fund new investment properties

Buy or fund new investment properties

Payoff more expensive debt

Payoff more expensive debt (bridge loan)

Renovate your rental property

Renovate your rental property

Line of Credit for Real Estate:

Whatever your current business needs, Baselane Capital offers a wide range of financing options.

Line of Credit

Up to $10,000,000

Revolving terms

Term Loan

Up to $10,000,000

6 to 36-months

Receivables Advance

Up to $750,000

3 to 12-months

Other financing options

Amounts will vary

3 to 36-months

Minimum requirements for funding are $14,000 in monthly revenue, 550 credit score, and 6 months in business.

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Get funded in 24 hours

Complete your application in as little as 15 minutes. Review your options, choose your right offer, and you can be funded as fast as 24 hours after your approval.

Minimum requirements for funding are $14,000 in monthly revenue, 550 credit score, and 6 months in business.

Who is eligible for Baselane Capital?

Baselane Capital is built to help you and your rental business scale. We recommend that you meet the outlined requirements below to give your business the best access to the capital you need.

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monthly revenue


months in business


credit score

How Baselane’s line of credit works

A simple process to get started on your path to growth.


Fill out our quick and easy application.


A dedicated funding advisor 
will discuss options with you.


Execute your funding agreement via online checkout.


Get the capital in as little as 24 hours.

Compare multiple investment property
line of credit (LOC) options at once

Get loans on the most favorable terms from more than a hundred funders through Baselane Capital.

Minimum requirements for funding are $14,000 in monthly revenue, 550 credit score, and 6 months in business.

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  • Equipment Financing

Thousands of Happy Customers

"Switching to Baselane was an immediate success. I stopped manually managing my property finances last month for the first time. I saved over 5 hours and $200 on accountant fees. Everything is now automated and in one place."

Martin L. Denver Co

“Baselane has made life as a landlord so much easier. I was using Excel before but recently switched over to Baselane and am a very happy customer! Keep up the good work, Baselane!”

John H. Philadelphia, PA

“Baselane is amazing! I especially love the automation of Baselane’s rent collection offering. It’s so easy to use and saves me at least 3-4 hours a month not having to chase after tenants each month for rent payments!”

Michelle P. San Francisco, CA

The process was easy and straight-forward. The team was extremely helpful and communicative in what they needed from me. The lending team were courteous and very responsive. Will definitely work with them on future deals.

John M. Fort Lauderdale, FL

Phenomenal service. This team is very professional and gracious throughout the process. Service was exceptional and our transaction was quick and smooth. Will work with them again for sure. Highly recommend them!

David R. Philadelphia, PA

Actual results vary by customer

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Baselane Banking

Built for landlords & real estate investors

Baselane Banking provides dedicated banking solutions for landlords and real estate investors.

With no minimum balances or fees, you can open multiple accounts per property, make payments in a flash, and earn unlimited 1% cash back3 and up to 4.19% APY interest2.

Rent Collection

Never miss a rent payment again

Take the headache out of rent collection. Simply set up your lease, invite your tenant, and get paid directly into your bank account.

Landlords choose Baselane for rent collection because it is easy to use, free for you and your tenants, and allows you to collect and manage security deposits.

Reporting & Taxes

Automate income and expense tracking

Save hours of work every month with accurate and automated bookkeeping and reporting.

Say goodbye to manual spreadsheets. Baselane provides one simple, consolidated ledger for all your transactions.

Join the all-in-one financial platform for landlords and 
real estate investors
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