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New Customer Onboarding Training

Dive into the essentials of Baselane's platform, ensuring a smooth start for new users to efficiently manage their properties.

How to Organize Finances for Short-term Rentals using Baselane

Master the art of financial organization for your short-term rentals, leveraging Baselane's intuitive tools and features.

How to Build a 6 Figure Income with Real Estate Investing

Embark on your real estate journey with foundational knowledge, strategies, and expert tips for a successful investment start.

How to get financing for your first rental property

Navigate the financial landscape of rental property investments, learning the best practices and sources to secure your initial funding.

How to become a Pro landlord and scale to 20 units – Expert Host!

Gain insights from industry experts on how to scale your rental business, adopting advanced strategies to manage and grow to 20 units efficiently.

How to Optimize Tax Deductions

Uncover key strategies to maximize your tax savings by identifying and claiming the most beneficial deductions for real estate investors.

How to Get the Right Insurance Protection and Save

Equip yourself with knowledge on selecting the optimal insurance coverage for your properties, ensuring protection without overpaying.