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Your stuff is safe and sound

Your belongings will be covered against theft, loss, and most forms of destruction. Even if it’s in your car or with you on the go, you can make sure your things are secure.

Covered against lawsuits

If you hurt someone or damage someone else’s property, those expenses can add up quickly, renters insurance has you covered.

Covered against medical costs

You can’t always control what happens 
inside your home, renters insurance covers reasonable medical expenses if someone 
is hurt on your property.

How much is this going to cost?

Plans are as low as $8/month. It's a no brainer. 
That's the same amount you would spend on:

1 Dinner

1 Month of Netflix

1 Coffee Date

1 Cocktail

Ready to protect

your home?

Based on your needs, we'll help you select

the most coverage at the best price.

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