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Receive monthly rent directly into your bank account, give tenants flexibility to pay their way, and easily keep track of all your payments

Start Collecting Rent in Minutes

Set Up Lease & Invite Tenant

Enter lease details and tenant information, and we’ll handle the rest

Tenants Activate 
Their Account

We’ll invite your tenants to activate their account, link their payment method, and schedule payments

Get Paid

Payments are deposited directly into your bank account within 2-3 business days.

 & Manage Payments

View payment history and outstanding rent, get notifications, and edit future invoices in a snap.

Enable Tenants to
 Conveniently Pay Rent Online

Collect rent, fees & security deposits directly to your bank account. Tenants can make one-time payments or set up auto pay from any device.

No More Late Payment

Let tenants pay rent their way with any bank account, debit, or credit card. In addition, we’ll send reminders and receipts to help them stay on track

Stay Informed and Organized

Easily track your payments, get real-time notifications, and view a record of deposits held. Quickly see whether any payments are overdue.

Get Paid Faster and Securely

We use the leading payment technologies Stripe™ and Plaid™ and 256-bit bank-level SSL encryption to keep payments secure. Learn more here

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