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Thousands of tech forward landlords hold Security Deposits in a free Baselane Banking Account.

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Benefits of Security Deposit Accounts


Security deposits before buying property


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Why choose Baselane

Why choose rental security deposit account

  • All-in-One Platform with Banking, Rent Collection, and Accounting and more
  • Eligible to hold Security Deposits**
  • Free Rent Collection that’s landlord and renter friendly
  • Earn 4.46% APY* and up to 5% cash back†
  • Comprehensive cash flow analytics and reporting
  • Modern user interface and experience
  • Excellent Customer Support

**NOT LEGAL ADVICE. Please consult with an attorney and/or local city and state laws and requirements.

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Take Control of Your Spend

Open a security deposit bank account and use physical & virtual debit cards with custom spend controls and automated transaction tagging with Schedule E categories.

Easily Collect and Return Security Deposits

Collect funds into an account for security deposit via Bank Transfers (ACH payments), Deposit checks, or Wire.

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(aka - rental security deposit account)

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Frequently asked questions

Tenants can cause a lot of damage to your rental property, so you should aim to collect the largest security deposit the market will bear. One month’s rent is typical in most parts of the country, but you may be able to demand more if your rental property is in a particularly hot market.

Your state may set a cap on how much you can collect. Many states, including New York, Massachusetts, and Ohio, set the maximum security deposit you can collect at one month’s rent. Others, including California, Pennsylvania, and Maryland, limit security deposits to 2 months’ rent. There’s no limit on security deposits for rentals in Indiana and Florida.

The Baselane banking account should be opened by the landlord, and the security deposit is held in a Baselane banking account, which is provided by Blue Ridge Bank, N.A.; Member FDIC to offer deposit accounts.

When a tenant moves out, landlords are required to return any unused portion of their security deposit. The timeline for this varies by state, but most require landlords to provide an itemized list of deductions within a certain timeframe. Landlords should conduct a final inspection of the unit and estimate the cost of repairs or cleaning, which can be deducted from the deposit. If there is money left, it can be returned to the tenant via check or bank transfer, or it can be applied towards the last month’s rent if agreed upon in the lease.

Yes, you can use the Baselane service for multiple properties or leases. protects personal information and funds by using encryption, multi-factor authentication, and other security measures to safeguard data. Additionally, Baselane partners with Blue Ridge Bank N.A., which is FDIC-insured, to ensure that funds in the deposit accounts are protected up to the maximum amount allowed by law.

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