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To achieve our goal of empowering independent landlords with tailored financial technology, we must make our services accessible to all – that is why we made Baselane free.
There is no cost for landlords to use Baselane. Similarly, there is no cost for renters to pay rent by bank transfer (ACH). Renters can optionally choose to pay rent by debit or credit card for a 2.99% fee, paid by the renter with no cost to the landlord.
We are constantly improving our product and love hearing from our customers. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch using the chat or email [email protected].
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  • Smart One-Click Expense Management

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  • Dedicated Tenant Platfrom

  • Cashflow Analytics and Insights

  • Property Performance Metrics

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  • Insurance & Mortgage Marketplace

Frequently asked questions

What is Baselane?

Baselane is the next-generation financial platform built for independent landlords. We replace all the fragmented financial tools and systems that you use today to manage your rent collection, expenses, and rental property cash flow — and improve them with smart automated tools and analytics. With Baselane, you can finally manage your rental property finances all under one roof.


Baselane provides an integrated set of financial tools to help you save time and increase your rental property returns:


  • Automated rent collection from your tenants via ACH and debit/credit card
  • Cash management services, including one-click expense management and summarized transaction insights around your revenue and expense categories
  • Data and insights about the performance of your properties to help you make the best investment decisions and increase your returns

We are continuously improving our product so that it offers a robust financial home for you as a landlord as well as a seamless experience for your tenants.


How do I sign up for Baselane?

We’re excited for you to join the Baselane family! For the time being, we are in limited Beta release and accepting new users from our waitlist. Click here to get early access. If you have any questions about the sign-up process, please write to us at [email protected]


How will Baselane help me save time and money?

Baselane dramatically simplifies the process of managing your rental property finances. Instead of using a series of separate financial tools to manage your rent collection, expenses, and cash flow, Baselane centralizes everything in one place. This cuts down the time you need to spend on manual back-office work and helps you increase your property returns through better insights.



We also simplify the rent payment experience for tenants, which means happier tenants, less back and forth, and more on-time rent payments.


How does rent collection work in Baselane?

Baselane makes it easy to set up a lease and collect rent from your tenants. Once you set up a lease on Baselane, your tenant will receive an invite to join Baselane’s Tenant Platform, where they can see their invoices and pay rent. Your tenants can pay rent by ACH (bank-to-bank transfer) as well as by debit or credit card, and easily enroll in auto-pay. Our payments partner securely processes your tenant’s rent payments directly into your bank account.


How do my tenants use Baselane?

When you set up a lease in Baselane, your tenant automatically receives an invite to join the Baselane Tenant Platform. In the Baselane Tenant Platform, tenants can view their lease details and documents and pay their rent (with an option to enable auto-pay) as well as any one-time fees or deposits. The Tenant platform is fully accessible on mobile and desktops and includes automatic notifications and reminders to help your tenants stay on top of their payments.

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