Baselane is the best alternative to TenantCloud

Trusted by 30,000+ landlords and investors

Best alternative to tenatcloud
Baselane is the best TenantCloud alternative

What makes Baselane the best TenantCloud alternative

  • All-in-One Platform with Banking, Rent Collection, Accounting and more
  • High rewards with up to 4.19% APY2 and up to 5% Cash Back3
  • Free Rent Collection that’s landlord and renter friendly
  • Comprehensive cash flow analytics and reporting
  • Super user friendly with modern UI/UX
  • Excellent Customer Support

Why landlords are choosing Baselane over TenantCloud

  • Better UI/UX
  • Free All-in-One Banking, Rent Collection and Accounting Software (TenantCloud does not offer a bank or in-house accounting)
  • High Banking account rewards – up to 4.19% APY2 and up to 5% cash back3 for all
  • Ability to better organize with virtual accounts and cards
  • Welcome bonus ($300 offer)
  • Shipping new product features monthly
  • Excellent customer support
Virtual accounts
Baselane business debit card

Banking Built for Landlords

Unlike TenantCloud, Baselane offers a new way to bank. No fees,
up to 4.19% APY on savings account balances2, and up to 5% cash back
on debit card spend3 — all seamlessly integrated into the Baselane platform, with dedicated accounts by property and
for security deposits.

Put Rent Collection on Autopilot

Never chase down checks or late rent payments again. Accept rent by ACH or card directly into your bank account. Automated payments, fees & reminders.

Rent collection
Security deposit account

Security Deposit Accounts

Hold all security deposits in a proper escrow account. The best part is you can earn up to 4.19% APY2 on those deposits.

Bookkeeping Made Easy

Baselane allows you to categorize transactions by asset and Schedule E categories to easily stay organized, ensuring you never miss a deduction and making tax time easier.

Bookkeeping made easy
Reporting & analytics

Powerful Reporting & Analytics

Baselane provides powerful cash flow tracking and P&L reporting to stay on top of your rental property finances and maximize returns. Easily consolidate all your financial data from your Baselane banking accounts and external accounts.

Insurance & Lending

Get simple, instant and transparent insurance & financing for your rental business. Reduce costs and maximize returns.

Renters insurance

Thousands of happy customers

“I love collecting rent on Baselane. I previously used Zelle, but couldn’t collect rent directly into business accounts. I’ve solved this problem with Baselane!”

Tim R. San Jose, CA

"Baselane has enabled me to finally organize my rental property finances. With separate accounts for each property, I know exactly what is coming in and going out every month."

John H. Philadelphia, PA

“Baselane’s platform is super slick. Clean, smooth, and easy. It’s the best banking platform for landlords out there. Period."

Susan P. Austin, TX

Actual results vary by customer

Simplify your property finances today
Make the hardest parts of managing 
your rental property finances easy.