Introducing new features to supercharge your rental property finances.

This month, the Baselane team has added many new features that will help supercharge your rental property finances. We still have many exciting things to release this month, see our latest roundup below:

Mobile Check Deposit

You can now deposit a check into your Baselane banking account from your mobile phone. Simply snap a picture of the front and back of your check and the funds will be deposited into your account in 5 business days.

Send ACH Transfers to 3rd Party Recipients

Baselane Banking now allows you to send ACH transfers to 3rd party vendors and other recipients using their routing and account numbers. This is an easy and secure way to pay your contractors and vendors in minutes.

Add a Bank Account to Collect Rent Using Routing and Account Numbers

We’ve made it even easier to collect rent on Baselane by allowing you to add external bank accounts using your routing and account numbers. To add an account using your routing and account number simply set up a new rent collection and at the ‘Receiving Bank Account’ selection, add a new account, select ‘External Account’ and then ‘Add Manually’.

Timeline for Rent Payments

We’ve heard your feedback and are excited to share that now you can see precisely where your rent payments are with our new Payment Timeline. Click on any invoice and head to the bottom of the Invoice Details to see the new timeline, where your money is, and when you should expect to receive rent payments.

Review Invoices During Rent Collection Set Up

You will now be able to review and confirm all rent payment invoices during the rent collection setup. This way, you can make sure all payment invoices are correct and quickly update them if needed.