Pay Bills Easier with our New Transfers and Payments Center

Our revamped Transfers & Payments Center has been redesigned to help save you time and make moving money and paying bills easier! Read about some of the new features below.

Manage recipients: Save all your payees and vendors in one place to quickly send payments. See your complete payment history and transfer statuses all at a glance. Find out more here.

Baselane checkbooks: You no longer need checkbooks from 3rd parties. Easily order checkbooks for any Baselane checking account. Each Baselane checkbook order comes with 80 high-security checks. Get more details here.

Send checks online: Send checks directly from your Baselane checking accounts to conveniently and securely pay vendors and bills without manually writing checks. Simply enter the payment amount, recipient’s name, and address, and Baselane will print and mail the check for you. Learn more here.