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Frequently Asked Questions
1. What’s the difference between Rental property loans vs regular home loans?

Some of the biggest advantages of a rental property loan versus a regular home loan are:

  • Flexible: Flexible qualifying criteria that do not need to conform to Fannie and Freddie Mac requirements. This allows you to get loans on different property types and sizes, as well as portfolio loans.
  • Speed: Faster process, less documentation required. With our loan, no income verification is required.
  • Scale: There is a limit to how many regular home loans you can get. With our loan products, you can buy more properties faster when you finance them without a limit on the number of mortgages you have. When you buy a property with only 20% down, that means scaling your real estate portfolio at five times the speed of cash buyers.

Financial Benefits: Even when you take out a loan, you still get all the benefits that come with investment property ownership. You get the tax benefits, the appreciation, and of course income from each property.

2. What type of loan is best for my rental property?

It depends. Read our articles to learn more:

3. What can I do to get the best rental property loan terms?

Generally, higher credit scores allow for larger rental loan amounts and lower rates. Rates can also be lowered by choosing a smaller loan amount relative to the property value (LTV) or “buying down the rate,” which means paying more upfront in exchange for a lower rate. To estimate loan amounts and rates for various scenarios, click here.

4. What is the minimum FICO score requirement?

For rental loans, the minimum median credit score is 640. For rehab loans, it's 680 for newbies and 575 for prolific rehabbers. To see whether your credit score qualifies and receive an instant quote, click here.

5. What interest rates do you offer?

For both rental loans and rehab/construction loans, we offer competitive rates. To see today’s rates for your scenario, click here.

6. What documents are required to get started?

To get started, simply generate an instant quote and request a pre-approval email here.

7. How fast can you close?

Typically, we close within 5-10 business days of full file receipt, including an appraisal.

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