Comparing TenantCloud vs. Avail: Which Rental Management Software Is Right for You

Tenantcloud vs Avail

Key Takeaways

  • Avail is best suited to landlords seeking syndicated rental listings, tenant screening reports, and online rent payments.
  • TenantCloud is ideal for landlords and property managers overseeing multiple properties, offering robust task management for maintenance requests, rent collection, and lease signing.
  • Baselane includes features for online rent payments, landlord banking, rental property accounting and bookkeeping, and more.
  • Avail and TenantCloud have paid plans, whereas Baselane is a free rental property management software tool.

TenantCloud and Avail are two popular property management software tools that help streamline the rental process and tenant experience. But which one is right for you?

Let’s compare Avail vs. Tenant Cloud based on their features, pricing, and benefits. We’ll also introduce Baselane as an alternative all-in-one property management software solution for bookkeeping and accounting tasks, banking, online rent collection, and more.

TenantCloud Overview

TenantCloud is a property management software application built for landlords managing multiple properties. This tool excels at task management for maintenance issues, rent payments from tenants, lease signing, and a range of other features for landlords and property managers.

Key Features of TenantCloud

  • Online rent collection tool
  • Tenant chat and task management
  • Automatic invoicing and late fees
  • Screen tenants
  • Property listings and online applications
  • Accounting capabilities
  • Maintenance and repair tracking

Pros and Cons of Using TenantCloud


  • Multiple Properties: TenantCloud is best suited for landlords with larger portfolios.
  • Task Management: List properties on multiple sites, chat with tenants, and stay on top of maintenance tracking all on one platform.
  • Late Fees: TenantCloud allows landlords to charge late fees for missed payments.


  • Pricing: If you have less than 20 units, TenantCloud might be costly.
  • Financial Tracking: Other solutions might work better than TenantCloud if you need in-depth financial details.

Pricing and Plans Available for TenantCloud

  • Starter Plan: $12 per month
  • Growth Plan: $40 per month

Business Plan: Custom pricing for investors and property managers with larger portfolios.

Avail Overview

Avail property management software has comprehensive features to market rental properties, draft lease agreements, manage tenant communications, and accept online rent payments. The free subscription plan is a solid pick for new landlords, or you can pay $7 per property for the premium version.

Key Features of Avail

  • Syndicated rental property listings
  • Avail tenant screening
  • Rent tracking and online payments
  • Rental property accounting
  • Online tenant portal
  • Maintenance management
  • Lease builder

Pros and Cons of Using Avail


  • Property Listings: Posts rentals on multiple listing sites.
  • Free Version: Offers a no-cost option with basic features.
  • Customer Support: Provides excellent customer service.


  • Financial Reporting: The reporting feature needs improvement.
  • Document Storage: Limited to lease documents, with no space for other files.

Pricing and Plans Available for Avail

  • Unlimited Free Plan: $0
  • Unlimited Plus Plan: $7/unit per month

Baselane vs. Avail and TenantCloud

Baselane is a free, all-in-one property management solution. Like Tenant Cloud and Avail, Baselane offers a range of features to help simplify tasks for landlords and renters. However, Baselane stands out from Avail and Tenant Cloud thanks to its modern and intuitive interface that focuses on rental property financial management.

Landlord Banking:

  • Cash Back: Get up to 5% cash back on debit card purchases.
  • High Yield: Earn 4.46% APY on all balances.
  • Security Deposit Accounts: Collect, manage, and return security deposits online.
  • Multiple Accounts: Create multiple bank accounts per property.
  • Physical & Virtual Debit Cards: Debit cards with custom spend controls and automated transaction tagging by Schedule E.

Online Rent Collection:

  • Flexible Payments: Tenants can pay rent online using ACH bank transfer, debit card, or credit card.
  • Fast Payouts: Rent payments are deposited directly into a landlord’s bank account within 2-3 days.
  • Tenant Auto-Pay: Tenants can set up automatic online payments for monthly rent.
  • Late Fees: Charge automatic late fees without manual intervention.
  • Rent Reminders: Send tenants automated rent reminders to encourage on-time rent payments.
  • Lease Creation for all 50 states (first three leases are free) and E-sign

Accounting and Bookkeeping:

  • Rental Income & Expense Tracking: Automate income and expense tracking for complete control over cash flow.
  • Categorize Transactions: Features 1-click categorization for easy bookkeeping.
  • Auto-Generated Tax Reports: Generate tax reports and Schedule E reports.
  • Receipt Upload: Upload of receipts to keep track of expenses.
  • Banking Integration: Integrates with existing bank accounts for automated transaction importing.
  • Tax reporting: Schedule E and Tax package

Financial Reporting Capabilities:

  • Real-Time Insights: Easily search and filter insights for real-time visibility into property performance.
  • Track Cash Flow: View consolidated transactions in one place for cash flow reporting and analysis.
  • Generate P&L Statements: Generate detailed Profit and Loss statements for each property.
  • Maximize Returns: Identify cost savings and optimize financial management to enhance returns on investment.

Additional Features of Baselane

  • Loan Options: Access competitive rates on rental property loans.
  • Landlord Insurance: Get affordable pricing and comprehensive coverage.
  • Tenant Screening: Get background checks, credit checks, and eviction history reports for potential tenants.
  • Line of Credit: Access a wide range of financing options.
  • Unlimited Properties: Manage finances for multiple rental properties.
  • Lease Agreements: Download or e-sign custom local leases.
  • Free Rental Property ROI Calculator: Easily calculate returns on potential rental property investments.
  • No Additional Costs: Baselane is 100% free to use, with no hidden fees.

Case Study: Managing Security Deposits With Baselane Banking

Challenge: John is a landlord managing 10 properties across three states. He struggled with tracking security deposit payments from tenants and lacked banking tailored for landlords.

Solution: John switched to Baselane banking, immediately benefiting from:

  • Dedicated Accounts: Each property has a dedicated account to collect, hold, and track security deposits, preventing mix-ups and ensuring organized returns.
  • Banking for Landlords: John can earn high interest on deposits, accept monthly rent online, collect cash back, and automatically track income and expenses.

Outcome: John saved 5 hours every month and minimized accounting and security deposit errors.

John’s Words:

“Baselane transformed my rental business, blending property management tools with rental-specific banking. It’s a game-changer for landlords like me.”

Final Thoughts

Comparing Tenant Cloud vs. Avail highlights the benefits of property management tools. They can simplify day-to-day tasks for landlords and property managers, saving time and money on real estate investing. Unlike Tenant Cloud and Avail, which charge fees, Baselane is free.

Sign up for a FREE demo and see how Baselane can help you manage your rental property finances, banking, accounting, and more.

Note: The information provided in this blog post is meant to serve as a guide. It’s always a good idea to contact the software providers for the most up-to-date and detailed information.

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Tenantcloud vs Avail
Comparing TenantCloud vs. Avail: Which Rental Management Software Is Right for You