Baselane Launches Landlord Banking

Baselane Launches Landlord Banking

Banking for landlords just got easier. Baselane, the most comprehensive financial solution for landlords, now offers Landlord Banking, meaning landlords can save time and money with seamless integration into Baselane’s suite of software for landlords including bookkeeping, analytics, and rent collection. In addition to enabling landlords to open multiple bank accounts, it will also provide custom accounts to help keep expenses organized and funds separated.

“For too long, landlords have been left to cobble together disjointed financial solutions and to track their finances in manual spreadsheets,” says Mathias Korder, co-founder and CEO of Baselane. “Now, they can get clear insights into their property finances to maximize the return on their investments.”

Sweet Banking Features for Rental Property Owners

Baselane offers a purpose-built solution for landlords who need a bank account for rental properties.

Baselane banking is better than free and landlords get rewarded with cashback and interest

No monthly or hidden fees, zero charges on cash withdrawals, and free e-transfers too – all without requiring a minimum deposit. You also get 1% cashback on your Baselane Debit Card purchases, and earn 4x better interest rates on the money in the account (imagine getting paid to hold a security deposit)!

Baselane is the best banking account for your investment property needs

With Baselane banking, landlords can open sole proprietor or LLC accounts with physical and virtual debit cards (coming soon!) and tag expenses and related transactions to each property. Or, landlords can open as many custom virtual accounts as you’d like, including one for each rental property – making it easier to manage all transactions for that property, including holding security deposits in dedicated interest-yielding accounts, or setting up a dedicated account to save for remodels.  

Baselane answers the age old question, “Do I need a separate banking account for my rental property?” by saying, “The choice is yours!”

Already have an investment property bank account? No problem, you can still securely connect your external bank accounts and see all your property finances in Baselane’s easy-to-use platform. 

Baselane offers much more than a banking account for a rental property

Baselane aims to be the all-in-one banking and financial platform for landlords, from single-click bookkeeping with smart categorization to Schedule E and property tagging, so if you’re still thinking about it, why not get started using its free tool? 

Baselane also helps you automate rent collection and help you receive it in whichever bank account you want. It also provides analytics to help you manage your cash flow, track expenses, and gain a deep understanding of each property’s performance.

Sign-up for a Free Baselane Banking Account today!

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Switch now and make your life easier

Baselane’s priority is to simplify the financial processes for landlords, which is why Baselane made applying for Baselane Banking a quick and free process that can be completed entirely online in less than 5 minutes.

From there, it’s up to you on how you want to start migrating your financials over to Baselane: some Baselane customers transfer funds directly from existing accounts, while others start collecting rent directly into their Baselane Banking account (whether they are using Baselane or another service to collect rent). Whatever your preference, Baselane’s customer support team is available to help get you familiar with your new Banking account.

Instead of having multiple accounts, debit cards, and platforms, you can have all your property finances under one roof. All your properties, tenants, and vendors in one simple platform. Plus, you’ll earn cash back on purchases made and interest on money held within your account.

And the best is yet to come

Baselane has plans to roll out AI-powered transaction categorization, mortgage, and insurance offerings in 2022. Ready to make landlording easier?

Baselane is a financial technology company, and is not a bank. Banking services and FDIC insurance are provided through Thread Bank1, Members FDIC.

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Baselane Banking is now offering 4.19% APY interest

Automated and free Rent Collection, without the stress

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Baselane Launches Landlord Banking
Baselane Launches Landlord Banking